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Special materials for construction

We have selected a range of exceptional and innovative building materials that represent the future of construction. 

Our products

Construction materials

Insulating materials

A wide range of high-tech materials, from EPS with graphite to Polyurethanes to polyiso foam compounds. These materials guarantee maximum thermal insulation, reducing energy consumption and climate-changing emissions.

Construction materials

Finishes and glues

We can offer the complete ETA-certified cycle while supplying the best adhesives and smoothing compounds Mapei produces. The manufacturer also guarantees a wide range of products without carbon dioxide emissions.

Construction materials

Armor in composite material 

It is an exceptional armor material with three times the strength of steel and four times lighter. Until now, they have been considered exotic due to their high costs. We are the exclusive importers of a company that has managed to lower costs to offer it at a price similar to that of traditional steel with the same resistance. The benefits are incredible.

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