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Water treatment

We create entire water treatment systems in the water treatment sector, from decanting to filter press to dehydrated cake transport systems. We have created a line of machines dedicated to the concrete mixing sector.

Water treatment systems


The decanters provided by Urban Tech are customized according to your needs. They guarantee the best clarification, with the recovery of over 90% of the water, perfectly clean and reusable in your system. We can provide our customers with both vertical and horizontal decanters.


Filter presses

We produce plate and membrane filter presses, auxiliary equipment for pulp feeding, and block handling. Our filter presses can have plates of different sizes (from 500 x 500 mm to 2500 x 2600 mm) with recessed plate and membrane designs.



Upon customer request, we create conveyor belts, screw conveyors, and any machinery necessary for handling materials in quarries and mines. We can offer retrofitting to existing systems such as automatic washing, filters and cloths, plates, and core blow emptying systems for any existing system on the market.

Fields of application

Water treatment systems

Through water treatment plants it is possible to easily reduce disposal costs by compacting valuable materials into dry blocks.

Water treatment systems

The water resulting from truck washing can be treated to recover inert material and water that can be reused for the washing itself.

Water treatment systems
Settling basins

The tailings dams and lakes are dangerous and will be stopped and cleaned up. With filter presses you can get rid of them.

Water treatment systems

Water is used to cool cutting and polishing tools in the stone industry. By treating it with our machines, the water can be reused.

Water treatment systems

Our filter presses are designed for dewatering highly abrasive sludge from zinc, copper, lead, iron and similar processes. The system can guarantee dehydration up to 90%.

Water treatment systems

Our machines are designed to cover the entire chemical chain. Made with special materials for the dehydration of sludge with solids from 0.5 to 500 μm, pH values from 0 to 14 and temperatures up to 200 °C.

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