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We produce plate filter presses and filter presses membrane. Our filter presses can have plates of different sizes (from 500 x 500 mm to 2500 x 2600 mm), recessed plate and membrane designs, and materials (polypropylene, cast iron, S.S. Aisi 316. The design can depend on the customer's needs, side beam or high beam. We have two lines of machines: UT LIGHT up to plates measuring 1000x1000mm and UT HEAVY up to plates measuring 2500x2600mm.

Urban Tech Italia


This series of filter presses have a maximum plate size of 1000x1000mm up to 150 plates; robust and versatile, it is a machine that combines speed and performance without compromises. Ideal for the most varied sectors.



This series of filter presses has a maximum plate size of 2500x2600mm up to 200 plates. Ideal for significant filtration needs. Extremely fast and reliable, it can be customized according to customer needs.

Concrete WR Filtropressa.png


Small, yes, but a concentration of ideas and technology. We were born to solve the needs of the concrete mixing sector definitively. Until now, machines designed for other purposes have been adapted to this sector. Without fear of contradiction, we can say that it is the first machine designed only for concrete.

Robotic washing system 

The automatic robotic washing system can be implemented on all our machines, extending the filter cloths' life by 50% and facilitating daily work. The machine washes itself; wasting days washing fabrics with a high-pressure washer will no longer be necessary.

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