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The decanters provided by Urban Tech are customized according to your needs. They guarantee the best clarification, with the recovery of over 90% of the water, perfectly clean and reusable in your system. We can provide our customers with both vertical and horizontal decanters.

Decanters for water treatment
Vertical Decanters

These decanters develop vertically to accommodate, using a limited footprint, up to 500 m3 of water. As the water to be clarified enters the decanter from above, the thickening of the sludge is achieved thanks to the already clarified water pressing on it. The sludge will be discharged by opening an automatic valve, which can be opened when the correct density is reached. With this type of clarifier, the discharged sludge will have a solid percentage of around 60-70%, making any filtration process more accessible.

Horizontal Decanters

Depending on size, horizontal settlers can be made of stainless steel or concrete. This type is recommended for sectors where the wastewater contains excellent particles; a scraping bridge rotates, generating the thickening of the solid fraction on the bottom of the decanter. Solid sludge, with a density of 30-40% by volume, requires a pump to be sucked up and pushed towards the filtration system. 

Flocculant dosing systems

The automatic flocculant dosing systems allow rapid and automatic dilution of the powder in water for a perfect reaction of the flocculant. In addition, a dosing system injects the ideal quantity of flocculant needed at all times, reducing waste and significantly improving the system's efficiency. 

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