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We are the fifth Element that unites Water, Air, Earth, and Fire for a future sustainable

Experience in developing and selling highly efficient solutions is the driving force behind Urban Tech Italia. Many successful projects, from ideas to startups, can be found in the portfolio of our founders. But experience is only one aspect; Urban Tech Italia has brought together a team of engineers, specialized technicians, and workers to support your needs. 

Obtain quality materials in an economical and sustainable way


Urban Tech Italia operates in various sectors linked to environmental sustainability, pollution reduction, and emissions.

Filter press for water treatment

Water treatment

We create entire water treatment systems, from decanting to the filter press to the transport systems for dehydrated cakes. We also have a particular line of machines dedicated to the concrete mixing sector.

Concrete WR Filtropressa.png

Water Treatment Dedicated to concrete batching stations

We create a line of solutions dedicated to water treatment for concrete mixing stations. Until now, unsuitable solutions have not been explicitly reserved for this sector; with our Concrete WR line, we have integrated all the cycles, and the water will be perfectly drainable.

Concrete WR Logo.png
Plants for processing aggregates

Washing and selection of aggregates

We are representatives from the Dernaseer company, an English manufacturer with hundreds of installations worldwide. Deranasser systems are characterized by very high productivity and reliability.

Press for compacting metals

Recycling Metals

The best presses for metal compaction and the best shears in the world, our roots are deep and are based on ideas developed in the 70s and continuously renewed to achieve perfection using the latest hydraulic and automation technologies. 

IPH Logo standard.png
composite armor systems

Special Materials for Construction

 Our fiber-reinforced composite material armor systems represent the future in the construction sector; with three times the resistance of traditional armor and four times lighter in weight, they do not present carbonation and oxidation problems.


Recycle metals efficiently  

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